"Click" Button to Phone Call

Hey All,

I’m trying to link a button to dialing a phone number from a smartphone.

Click=> Dial +001 12345689 => Call Person/Shop

Anyone know how to do this?


just have to create a link with the following format:
tel:(the number to dial)
and when a user clicks this link it will automatically launch the phone. :slight_smile:


Hey Diego,

Im a total noob! So thanks for helping out. Worked link a charm

  1. Link
  2. external URL
  3. tel:(the number to dial)

I’m using click to call on a Material Icon that is contained in a floating group and strangely the dial pad comes up the first time. But subsequent selections of the icon does nothing.
I’ve only tested this on Android --> Chrome browser.

Has anyone experienced this?


Can you show a screenshot? I am still clueless on this. I inserted a link in the editor it is asking for URL. It needs to call a dynamic value, which is a phone number from a table.

sorry, noob also.

This just changed my life!

@rkresnadi, put a “link” element on the page, and set it up as follows:

Hope this helps!


@jamie , @rkresnadi,
Love it. Solid solution that managed to stand the test of time … unless some of you folks have already managed to come up with another elegant and simple solution on how to click and call a phone number.

Awesome! good tips!

Hi! I’m tryin this solution, but the smartphone recognize this link as a URL, not as a phone number, in fact appear an erro message that tells that safari can’t open it because the address is not valid

Did you manage to solve this? i have the same problem. On android it works well but iphone recognizes it as an url link

no I’ve not yet solve this, I didin’t know that is a problem only for Iphone

First time posting. Came here looking for the same solution but I saw that no one had a universal answer.
This method works flawlessly on my devices.

< a href = "tel:123-456-7890" >123-456-7890</ a >

Credit: Telephone Links: How to Add “Call-able” Links & CTA’s to Your Website

Is there a way to do this while hiding the user’s phone number?

Anchor text can always be anything. Just change the text between > and