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How to do Telephone URLs

I am trying to launch a users phone when a telephone url is clicked. When I use something like tel:8885551212 it launches the phone okay but the page continues to search for that in the browser as if it were looking for a website. Then it times out and I get a 404 page.

Another possible way to do that (with certain drawbacks as well, though) is to use the Navigate to External Page function via workflow upon click, and in the address you put tel:1232312312 value.

Check it out and see if this works better for you.
However, I am yet to find the best solution for that too.

That’s exactly what I did and it keep the page searching…

In that case, you may use another way of using the hyperlink in text do the same without the navigation step.

I settled for this one for my app in the end of the day.

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Wow, I overlooked the hyperlink in the visual elements menu! Thank you

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