Click on a text field and show a repeating group with the same value inside

Good evening everyone and thank you for the precious support you provide…

I am creating a page with a tennis club ranking, I insert the matches and the ranking is updated. By clicking on the player’s name I would like to show a new repeating group with all the games that player has played previously…

I can view all the games by Action- Show element - repatinggroup Partite

Can anyone help me? Thank you

I don’t know exactly what you are looking for, but I’m assuming you want to be able to click on a player in the repeating group at the top, and have the app show in the bottom repeating group all the games the player was in.

If so, you can try this:

When your user clicks any name at the top, set a custom state (let’s call it playerID) to equal the unique ID of that player.

Change the search of the repeating group at the bottom to do a search for games and add an additional search constraint where the player ID = playerID.

This way, the bottom repeating group will always show the games based on the player the user clicked on.

Hope this helps.

Good morning and thanks for the immediate support.
I made several attempts but I couldn’t, I need additional detailed help… I would like to be able to solve it, thanks

Thanks to your suggestion I was able to set the correct procedure. But I have to include two groups, games won and games lost. I can’t do just one group. I can’t handle the “OR” condition

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