Dynamic Data in Repeating Group changes Navigation

Ok, I am stuck on an issue that I know is not excessively complex. I have a repeating group that contains metrics from a soccer team’s daily activity. The players may train at a different position certain days based on the needs and preparation strategy. So my repeating groups update daily with the player’s training position from that day. I would like the user to be able to click on a cell in the repeating group and navigate to the player page of the cell’s player. How do I set up a workflow where When Repeating Cell is Clicked do a search for current cell’s player Id and navigate to player page with the corresponding player Id?

Would I simplify this process by navigating to a generic player page and then creating custom states for each player? Any input would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

Hey Tom,
you’re on the right track. From my understanding you do this by using Custom States. You create a custom state linked to the relevant database, then when you click on the cell you set the state to that current cell’s database entry, then (what I do) is usually have a pop-up window that’s generic and populates with all current state’s info. You’ll probably have to watch a tutorial for that to make any sense.

If you google using Custom States you should find the right tutorials. (Sorry I’m on a flight, and videos are blocked, otherwise I’d pick out the right tutorial for you).

Let me know if you’re still stuck and I can dig up a tutorial when I land.

Thank you for your response, I believe I have seen the tutorial you are describing. I am still not having success with this issue, but I will add more context in a couple of days

Hey Tom,
A simple way will be to get a group that will popup when the repeating group user is clicked and the group family will be set to the repeating group family then you will get a text or input and on the placeholder you will make it so it lookup that user or player data up.

I’m a student in high school and have been using bubble.is for 2 years & 1.5 months.

Here’s a tutorial that covers what I was talking about. Granted this is to select multiple users, but it’s the same in theory. If you’re still hung up I can take a look at your app and help (I know how frustrating getting hung up can be).

Probably a better tutorial as I ‘splain things in more detail:


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