Click to paste user clipboard content


Is it possible to make a function for the user to press an input field where their clipboard will be automatically pasted if it meets some criteria?

Yes. Will need to use JS to do this. Quite a few stackoverflow guides on it and it would be exact concept on here

Do you know if it would be possible to also enter the JS into an input field? So the user wont have to enter it?

Was actually not that hard with the help of chatgpt :smiley:

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i have the weirdest problem now. The JS works absolutely perfect in the FIRST repeating group, but as soon as more repeating groups are added in the row, the following repeatin groups bug out, any ideas on what to do?

Try enabling HTML IDs

Have each input have the class name and append the current cell index to it.

So if the class name of the input is “paste” then RG row 1 will be paste1, paste2, and so on.

Now you use that dynamic class as the class where things get pasted when activating the JS.

I might have explained poorly, it is all 1 repeating group.
When the repeating group only holds 1 element - 1 input element - it works perfectly. I have an “add” button where it adds another input element, here it starts bugging

as you can see im already using ids(changed it to paste), so the js knows where to input

Yes, you need each of those inputs to have its own element ID. Which is where what I explained above comes in.

In my editor, i only have 1 input. When the user accesses the app, they start with only 1, and can add more, so i dont know how to give it a unique id?

Just tried adding the “current cells index” to the id, but i need to change the js in a way so it understand, no idea how

app general Settings

Enable HTML IDs.

At the bottom of the input element settings Name the element paste+current cells index.

Each input will then have its own ID.

In your JS you’ll now paste to the specific ID

i have done exactly that and nothing happens now - i dont think the current js understands it- when its only “getElementById(‘paste’);”?

I might be misunderstanding you.

It needs to be dynamic.


cell number will be the index of RG you’re focused on.

There’s RG plug-in tools that may help determine which cell is focused or here’s a link that may help

I honestly dont understand at all what you mean about current cells index, you’re welcome to give up on me :smiley:

Right now i have an HTML id “paste” and the js getElementId is also “paste”, anything after that regarding current cell index i honestly dont understand, will try to read what you linked again…

Jesus christ i am so sorry, im an idiot
My js element wasnt inside the rg…
You are a brilliant man, thank you, it works absolutely perfect!!!

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