Clicking a button that makes the user login before they can enter data

I am trying to have a button that is multi-functional. When clicked the button should enter the Name, Amount of People and the Comments into the database. However, the button should only work if the user is logged in.

I am trying to figure out how to make this happen, it seems like it should be a conditional. When looking at the conditionals I don’t see an option that looks like this.

When looking at the workflow the options are Log a user in or Sign the user up. I am not sure which option would apply what I want as it seems to be a boolean operation?

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Just use the condition ‘when current user is logged in’

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Hello @pauljoneswv

Try “current user is logged in” :wink:

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Is there a way to direct the user to login through the workflow before the data is entered?


“When current user is logged-out” send them to a login page using “go to page” … or show them a log-in popup

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Yes, just use the opposite condition (i.e. when the current user is logged out)

Thank you

Perfect! thank you for your help!

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Very simple!

You’ll need to use conditionals , something like this -

When button is clicked:

  1. Show sign in/sign up popup (only when current user is logged out)
  2. Make entry in data base (only when current user is logged in)

And it should be done!

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