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PLEASE HELP** Issue with conditionals

Hey Guys
I am having an issue with the conditionals of a button. It has 2 states; one when the current user is logged in and one when the current user isn’t. Now the functionality of the button when the current user isnt logged in works perfectly the issue arises when the current user is logged in. It just will not perform the required workflow. Ive tried so many different ways of dealing with this issue but am coming up short everytime. Im hoping someone has abit more insight as to why this may be happening than myself.

Thanks for your help and suggestions :slight_smile:

Can you provide more detailed information? It is difficult to help or diagnose an issue without knowledge of how your app workflows are connected to UI Elements and the conditional statements tied to them.

This is what the button and input group look like and the second image is the work flow of that button ; Does this help?

Hmm interesting. Have you checked the debugger when running this workflow/clicking submit? I would look there first.

Could it be that you are requesting a single file but are using the multi file input? I don’t have much experience troubleshooting the multi file uploader but it may be worth trying the standard file uploader to see if that alleviates the issue. Again, the debugger should notify you of what’s going on. Append ?debug_mode=true at the URL to enable.

Yeah, it looks correct. Have you used step-by-step in the debugger? It will let you check whether or not things are true/false like they’re supposed to be.

The multi file uploader works everytime when the current user isnt logged in. However I have looked in the debugger and it doesn’t even register the workflow of the submit button. As if its an empty element?


do you still need help with this?

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