How do I create a conditional workflow?

How do I create a conditional workflow? When a user clicks on a button, I want it to take an action if the user is logged, but if they are not logged in I want to display an alert box asking them to login first.

I see how to use conditions in a workflow, for example allowing the action to be completed only when they are already logged in. But I don’t see how to perform the alternative action (alert asking them to login) if they are not already logged in. How do I accomplish this?

I am also not seeing any help for this in the documentation, but maybe I am using the wrong terminology to describe it. Please advise. Thank you.

Hey @matt.ostanik :slight_smile: You can add conditions to the workflow in the ‘only when’ input. For example, you could have two workflows pertaining to a Save Button, depending on whether the Current User is logged in or not:

In this workflow, the Current User is logged in, and the Make Changes to Current User action will occur.

In this workflow, the Current User isn’t logged in, and a Login Popup will be shown to prompt the User to login.


Thank you @fayewatson! I saw how to do a conditional workflow, but I did not realize that I could add multiple workflows on the same element with different conditions. That’s the piece I was missing. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


My pleasure, @matt.ostanik! :slight_smile:

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