Clock has been changed today - some stuff broke in my app


The clock has been changed today in most of the countries around the world. Anyone experiencing any issues in their apps? (mostly those that use timezones)


What kind of issues?

I have a salon scheduling app and I use the TopCal plugin which is absolutely perfect. The issue I am seeing right now (after clock change) is that the availability TIME of my customers have old clock. This is a visual issue as the scheduler works perfectly:

and the result is:

While on the front end the availability is:

Also when I set the availability the clock is correct:

The issue is here:

Yes, stuff has broken in my app as well. Looking at it now.

i think its something from Bubble. Lets wait and see if there are any other users too. I will not change anything for now

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Unlikely. It’s probably how your app handles timezones. Bubble stores all timezones as UTC so any difference on the front-end is almost certainly because of how your app chooses to display timezones or deal with them in the backend.

Yeah… it seems likely to just be an error in how you’re handing time-zones…

What time-zones are you using in your text elements, and when storing the times in the database?

everywhere I use only 1 timezone which is Europe/Bucharest. Everything was just fine until today when the clock changed

But you said the clock has changed today, no?

So if you’re using a local time zone to display times, then of course it will be showing a different time today than it was yesterday… (that’s how time zones work)

Well that’s because the clock changed.

Bucharest is UTC+2 or UTC+3 in DST.

Suppose in DST you save 14:00 local time in the database. This is saved as 11:00 UTC.

Then, the timezone changes to UTC+2 (not DST). If you display 11:00 UTC, it displays as 13:00 local rather than 14:00 local, because you’re now 1 hour behind where you were when you saved the time.

I think @gf_wolfer has a different approach with the plugin and how they handle times and dates. I sent an email to their support. Thanks for the help

I’ll need to look closer at this, and I can’t until tomorrow or Tuesday. I believe Luzon (the JavaScript library I am using in the plugin) is taking the Timezones into account correctly, so it’s usually more how things are displayed. It gets a little confusing if you are in a different time zone than users that report the error

Can you send over the exact pages where you are seeing one result, and highlight exactly which times are incorrect/unexpected so I can compare?

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@cm1 @votterskog are you still seeing issues here?

On further investigation, there definitely seems to be something wrong here, and it’s affecting me as well.

It seems that, even though the clocks changed yesterday Bubble still thinks the UK is on BST rather than GMT.

Specifically when using date manipulations (like rounded down to, or extract…)

I’ve had to change my device time zone to UTC to make things work (even though the UK is on GMT, which is the same as UTC).

So there definitely seems to be a bug (or bugs) here…

UPDATE: on further investigation, my instinct here is that whatever library Bubble uses to handle time zones, has got the wrong dates for European clock changes… (it’s not Luxon, which seems to be working fine).

any dates after next weekend (5th Nov, which I believe is when clocks change in the US) are working correctly… but any dates before that are out by 1 hour.

So, hopefully this bug will only persist until the weekend (and then surface again in March when the clocks change again).


No problems today so far for me.
Yesterday one of my countdown clocks was off by one hour, but working today without problems.
The other timing issues I had was errors on my behalf.


all good now

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