🕷️ BEWARE time zones are not working!

I’ve already submitted a bug report, so this is just a PSA, but as of just recently, displaying a date/time in a different time zone no longer works. I’ve tried in 2 different apps. Can anyone else confirm?

What I see is that regardless of the time zone chosen, the date/time always displays in local time…



This is a big deal for any app that relies on displaying date/time in a time zone other than the user’s current time zone.



Yep, I noticed this yesterday…

It seems to be working on the page level and workflow level, but not in text elements.


Yeah, I reported it yesterday as well. I’m awaiting a response from support. Appreciate you letting me know I’m not alone. :+1:

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Any word regarding the time zone issue? Our app is heavily dependent on time zones and they’re all messed up right now. Reverting to the previous version (vs 21) does not help either. We could not display the times correctly based on the dynamically set time zones. We tried changing the settings to override (they’re all checked) but nothing happens

No, unfortunately, not yet - just the standard response that they need time to look into it - but that was Friday when I reported the issue. (They also said their Tier 2 support team is short-staffed until May 1.) :slightly_frowning_face:


Just received notice that the issue has been confirmed and escalated to engineering.

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@grace.hong Is this related to the new release?

Hi there - this has been fixed!


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