[CLONE TWITTER] a problem with the Live Feed

Hello everyone,

I just started BUBBLE and I such love it. And thank you so much for the community for helping me.

I am creating a twitter clone.

I have a problem with the feed.
I created the log in / Sign Up account so that’s perfect.

But when I test the application with the two different navigators and two accounts log in the application I have a problem.

On the feed, when the other account, so the other twittos, the first guy doesn’t see the name of the publisher. They can see the tweets but not the username.

Do you know why?

Thank you guys !

Musk probably fired the guy responsible for this feature :rofl:

You should contact Zuck about making a Threads clone


Hello there! It seems like you might have set privacy rules for the “user data type.” You should navigate to the data tab and check the Everyone else rules for the user data type. Specifically, take a look at the view for the username.

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hahahahhahha!!! Cannot wait the octogon

That it is ! Thank you so much

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Musk is going to chicken out and call it off with some not so witty quip. Zuck would beat Musk no question about it.

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