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Cloudflare on Legacy account


I am trying to connect my legacy account to Cloudflare and have it accessible both as a bear domain and as www.

I have been researching the forum and the documentation but seems that the recommended way has evolved over time from Alias to A record and Cname.

I have been trying a combination of all these but I can only connect either the bear domain, or the www., and I always get a 1001 mistake on the other page.

Hi Olivier,

It is often best to start from scratch in these cases.

Set up your DNS as per the Bubble Custom Domain (so 4 DNS, 2 for bare and 2 for www).

Then delete your domain on the BUBBLE side. And leave it a few minutes to sort itself out.

Re-set up the Custom Domain and wait for Cloudflare to wake up again.

Cloudflare can be a bit picky if it thinks something has been wrong in the past, and won’t check it again.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your suggestion Nigel,

I tried it, but it’s still the same. Actually I figured out that the problem comes only from www. If on Bubble I set the domain to bear, the bear domain works, but www. doesn’t (1001 error). If I set it to www, nothing works and I get the 1001 error on both pages.

It worked… Thank you so much!

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