Cloudflare Stream

Hello everyone

I’m still a bubble beginner, so the following problem is very difficult for me.

The app I am currently building should contain many videos. So I have to integrate an external memory where the transcoding takes place. Now I’ve decided on Cloudflare Stream and can’t get any further with the API post. I got the API Get to work, but I just don’t understand the API Post what Bubble or Cloudflare wants from me.

Can someone help me with the configuration?

It looks like you are a bit confused about how to use the api connector. Quick tips:

  • you probably want to set the url like this[account_identifier]/other_path (use [] for dynamic parts of the url), instead of putting it in the “parameters” section
  • in the “body” section you need to put the body of the request. It looks like you are trying to define the response, that’s something you do after initializing the call. Check the documentation on Cloudflare to see the body parameters relative to the request.

You can check How to Use APIs in a Web Application for a tutorial on the API connector.

Yes you are right, it really confused me. Thanks for the video, it cleared up some of my questions. I was actually able to get the post call to work now. I’ll probably have to ask again at a later date, but for the first time, my question is resolved.

Many Thanks.