Page load performance difference between users


I have been building a Bubble app for a client and they are seeing slower page loads than I’m seeing. There is barely any time between pages when I’m loading the app (in Chrome) but they see a white screen for seconds at a time between each page. They’ve tried in both Chrome and Edge on two different laptops - same issue each time.

The customer is based on the Netherlands, I’m in the UK. We both have Cloudflare locations nearby. Their download connection speed is about 150 Mbps, mine’s about 70 Mbps. I’ve also tried on a VPN connection to Amsterdam and performance is still rapid for me.

I should add that this all seems to be happening on basic page load rather than on loading data. Also, the app is on the Personal plan but capacity hasn’t gone over about 1 or 2% at the times we’ve been trying it.

Does anyone have any experience of similar performance issues?

Thanks all.

Hey @appedge

There could be many reasons for this. :thinking:

Just to note, if capacity is at ‘1 or 2%’ that means really, if you zoom in on that time, you will see it at 100% for a few minutes. Any little bump on the capacity chart should be something you should take a look at. In reality, you shouldn’t see any bumps on the chart at all.

As an option, I would recommend trying to not send them to a new page often. If I have a ‘dashboard’ page I normally have all of the elements in different reusable elements and then drop them on the one page. So each ‘page’ is not loading an entire page for the user. It is almost instant. If you are taking them to multiple pages, maybe a redesign and a look at how you built the app might help. It may need to be optimized.

Does that make sense? :man_shrugging:t2: Hope that helps a bit. :blush:

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Hey @J805, really appreciate the reply, thank you. Noted on the capacity logs - good point - although even zooming into seconds/minutes I can’t get it higher than 2%.

Also understand the recommendation to turn dashboards into single page blocks of functionality.

However, I think this is a different issue. For the customer every page load takes maybe 5+ seconds (visible white screen etc), but on every page load of mine it takes no more than say 2 seconds (never see a white screen).

It’s that consistent difference in experience that I don’t understand. If it was something in the design, I’d expect that I’d occasionally see the same symptom?

Thanks again.

It might be the speed of the device they are using too. It’s really hard to tell without seeing their setup.

I just thought, if it only happens one time, maybe it wouldn’t be so bothersome to them. That’s why I suggested the combining of pages so they don’t see that often. Just the first time they load the page.

As a side note, some plugins also make pages heavy on page load as well if they are loading multiple libraries into the app. Not sure if that might impact them or not.

I have seen pages load slower for other people in other countries. Not sure why though.

For me, I have 500mb upload/download internet and a very nice MacBook Pro. So I don’t have any load issues any more. However, it does make it hard to see when my app might be slow for someone with a different setup. Makes it hard to troubleshoot.

If their computer has very little memory, this could potentially be an issue too. Just something to think about.

There could be so many different reasons. :man_shrugging:t2:

Another option, I have seen others implement a pre-loader loading screen so that they don’t see a white screen when their page is loading. Maybe this could help if you can’t figure a better way around it. Just throwing out some ideas.

Thanks again for coming back to me.

Yeah, it’s pretty confusing given it’s the same pages, same plugins, same data, etc, and no clear advantage on my side in terms of kit/connection, but such a different experience. That’s why I wondered partly about geography/Cloudflare.

I’ll try with some other/worse devices at my end (sadly I only have a quite nice MacBook Air!) and see if I can get anything like the same level of performance.

If I get any other hints and tips from support I’ll be sure to share them here.

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