Cloudfront adding 5 seconds to bubble load times

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I am new to bubble and have been browsing the ‘showcase’ page and visiting the featured sites. I’ve noticed how most pages in those apps make a call to to get Bubble js resources.

What worries me is that I’m seeing a ‘waiting for…’ message in the browser’s status bar at the bottom for 5+ seconds every time I visit any page. This makes navigation feel sluggish. I’ve tested this at work (behind a web proxy) and from my phone (4G) and noticed no difference regarding this initial load times.

Could this be on my side or is it a general condition with cloudfront?

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Actually I’ve noticed that as well. Cloudfront seemingly adds several seconds to the loading.

I don’t know enough from a technical viewpoint to expand upon that observation though.


I’m seeing the same thing on initial load. Refreshing after is has loaded at least once will be significantly slower but I can confirm the 5 seconds.


To load my own web site plus cloudfront in my case is 7-8 seconds. It will be nice to shortcut that, and add an icon waiting from the beginning. Try to add password security on paid plan only and you will see instantly the popup at loading.

I’m not seeing similar results on mine, but I use very, very few plugins. I think the only plugins I use are Stripe, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics.

Looking at this thread (REQ: Frontend performance optimization), I tried the and got “A,” with the worst part being my hero image.

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Could it also be location dependent? I’m based in Europe…

That could very well be true. As far as I know, there are no Bubble servers in Europe. I’m in Washington DC, so pretty dang close to Amazon’s AWS East region. What’s the URL I can use to test access to your app from here?

I think Bubble uses AWS West 2, Oregon If I’m not mistaken. Two of my colleagues were in the west coast in October and the app was significantly faster than in Eastern Europe, even in Western Europe.

No Europe servers yet. I’m really banking on getting EU server options this year or we might have to look at dedicated. 90% of the traffic happens in Europe so it would make the most sense.

But I also know Bubble makes more money on their own plans than on dedicated, so really hoping for some good news there.

However, this particular problem might not have much to do with plans because I tested the same app on a free plan and on Pro and free had faster load times as I posted in the topic you linked to…

I really hope there is some sort of quick fix here as it seems more to do with AWS than with Bubble…

Could someone who knows what he/she is looking at tell me more about this?

As I see it, cloudfront is used to cache data to your local machine making a next load of the page quicker. So for an initial load, or one time visitors this is not great. However, when I use the inspector in Chrome I see this:

Immidiately some scripts start running, including cloudfront. Then it seems nothing actually happens for 10 seconds, only for cloudfront to continue to load? After that is done, additional scripts load.

Why the long pause?

I compared this with other sites but I;m not seeing the same pattern, in most cases I don’t even see cloudfront but that maybe because of AWS.

Bottom line, I did not have this issue before to this extent. Now every page load takes a LOT longer. Constantly waiting on cloudfront…

Is it a question of where it’s from from or what’s being downloaded? With Bubble it’s better to try and work with it as opposed to understanding it (There is no spoon). It took me a while to not approach Bubble as WordPress.

You can make very educated guesses as to what makes bubble work and how, but Bubble (@emmanuel, support, et. al.) can’t tell you everything and also stay in business. Nor can they make everything perfect. They’re basically changing tires while the car is moving as it is.

The good news is you’re doing everything wrong :wink:

The concept of pages is dead. Build everything on one page using states and groups as pages. 5 seconds for your entire site load is awesome. Example: Bubble editor. sometimes it takes 5 seconds to load, but the value is never having to leave it. Leading your little goofballs (users) through wait times without them knowing it is ninja UI/UX territory. That’s what makes us happy little Bubble goofballs.

To your beautiful little goofballs, your brand value will increase because visitors will actually view the experience as being very fast - or at least faster than your jerkoff competition. And, Google’s algorythm weights single-pages, on a cdn, surprisingly higher.

I know this doesn’t answer the question completely.


Hi, thanks. But this is not about pages vs groups. I’m pretty sure I’ve implemented this pretty nicely :slight_smile:

Perhaps I should have clarified that this is my login page, the page where users will be redirected to to sign up and login. It is completely empty apart from an image element and a reusable sign up group…

There is no way, at least in my app, to avoid pages. But again, this is not the issue. I’ve noticed an increase in load times and I’m not sure it is core Bubble or something else causing this…


Speaking of ‘without them knowing’, here’s a handy list of UX tips:

:slight_smile: Jess


Great idea, a dummy content as your page coming, possible?
I know ‘password’ protection appeared under 1 second, maybe replacing the popup with an image?

Or with action (better):

thank you @cowontherun