Segment Plugin Tip

After struggling with the Bubble documentation and the Segment plugin, I discovered through trial and error that you need to use an HTTP API source in Segment to interact with the Bubble Segment plugin.

The rest of the documentation, including where to get the write key, work fine.

Hopefully this helps someone else!


Do you know where I can create page categories and event names? Are these created in segment or in bubble? I’m creating an action to send an event but I dont see anywhere to create the event in either the plugin settings or my segment source page on their website.

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You create these in Bubble by simply writing the name of the Event or Page category into the dropdown of the workflow action. Once there, you can pick it up from the dropdown on another page later.


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Thank you! Do you know how to pass an array, so it is not formatted as text?
Below is an example of what I am trying to send, but all values are sent as text.

…and later (in mapping) it is not recognized as an array.

I believe that is a feature missing with Bubbles’s plug-in implementation (along with some other things). I do suggest you request it as it makes sense.

As a workaround, possibly you could have a look at the Copilot plug-in as in one implementation of sending event, it seems you can encapsulate everything as one big array.

If that does not work, I believe the only thing left to do is to construct your own implementation using your own plug-in, or possibly by using the Segment HTTP API together with the Bubble API Connector.