Coinflo - The Bitcoin Social Wallet

Here’s a story:

Back in the summer I came across a thread ( Blockchain (Ethereum) ) that led to research and exploration of the blockchain world. IF I had thought I opened up a can of worms when I learnt about BUBBLE only about a year prior, well, now again I was again running down the rabbit hole learning curve. Each topic seemed to spawn a new set of questions with less answers, but I trudged on.

Around the same time I was trying to figure out API integrations for Bubble. I was building a CRM application, and I had reached out to Gaby from Coaching Bubble (highly recommended btw) for help connecting an api I wanted. She whipped it out in no time and walaa - I could now study a working api connection from my backend.

I studied everything about it I could - from following where the keys led in my workflows to why I needed to refresh the token at some point, or whatever. After enough time I seemed to keep up. But still, I wasn’t 100% confident.

Meanwhile I was becoming even more heavily involved/ slightly obsessed with blockchain based technology and cryptocurrency. I wanted in - but not only to invest. I wanted to build an app that utilized bitcoin or ethereum - and I knew right then what I wanted to do.

I set to work. First thing I needed to do is figure out which api to use. After a few weeks of research, jumping back and forth in my mind and mini testing what was possible between different blockchain based tech, I landed on steady and trustworthy Coinbase. It seemed the most documented and most well suited for a connection with bubble.

If this was a movie, now would be the montage. I worked my a$$ of trying to connect that thing. I encountered all of the usual suspect problems when building with bubble, making stupid mistakes that are definitely avoidable if it wasn’t that you’re running on 5 hours sleep and just learning along the way. It was fun! It was a grind. I loved that part. But I did it, I connected the Coinbase api. It works.

So what did I build? Showcasing:

Coinflo - The Bitcoin Social Wallet. We’re a friendly introduction digital asset wallet for people getting into bitcoin - so if you’re thinking about learning more definitely check us out. Easily buy/sell, send/receive bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum using our platform. Transactions are recorded on our social ledger that you can comment on and remember. We’re also targeting businesses to get on so you can use your bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin to purchase goods and or services.

If you want to check us out - go to

If you’d like to work together for anything regarding blockchain based tech - shoot me a direct message. My company is based in Venice, CA (BTW any LA Bubble Meetups let’s do it).

Comments and feedback welcome.



Congrats! I’ve been pretty obsessed with cryptocurrency as well.

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This is great! I will definitely be reaching out, as there is a LOT of potential in the realm of smart contracts, distributed functioning, and value creation in arenas that have not seen value equate to production for a long time.


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this sounds really good, could you elaborate a little bit more how do you connect a bubble app with the Blockchain? it was Ethereum?

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Looks very cool. Integrated easily with my coinbase account. Are you planning on adding price graphs similar to theirs? I’m sure you have a lot planned for this. Great work.