Cold Calling vs. Cold Emailing

Build an app that does the hard work for you (ie: personalization)

I get these often enough too…I never open them because not only am I not interested, I view them as SPAM and potentially a malicious email.

So @autovantaofficial, how to build the app that does the hard work for you?

Set up Google API for reviews (they only give the last 5 so maybe opt for a 3rd party system that gives you all the reviews of the business like OutScraper)

Use AI to synthesize a report on these reviews - you could come up with what metrics to include in the report

Then use AI to scrap the website of the business to maybe collect helpful information about the business, what they do, where they are located, list of staff, etc.

Then use AI to take your email template and all the data you collected and created a tailor made email, and in the email include the report for free - after all the best way to market is to provide some value before you ever try to sell the customer on something, and a free report is value, but your real value comes from the actionable steps and implementation to rectify the issues in the report.

You can use a PDF plugin to make your report something the user could download, and you can use an email system that allows you to send marketing emails with the report in the email (not as download but visible on screen in the body of the email so user doesn’t need to click anything to see it).

Find out who is attending the trade show and will have a booth. Create your report and print it off and go with it to put in the hands of those attending the booth, but ensure they are real employees of the company that might be a decision maker of some kind.

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One thing I noticed about all emails. They don’t factor in any competitors.

What if I factored that in?

For example:

{First Part of Email}

The business down the road has ___________ set up, and it’s drawing in more customers than your website, which doesn’t have that. Plus, they’ve got a review system set up, so Google is favoring them in search results over you.

They’re taking your potential customers. I planned out some tactics to overcome these setbacks, and if you want, you can have them.

{Continue Email till End}

Any thoughts? Or am I going to piss off the owner? :joy:

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