Collaboration of users

We have users set up to add data, and now we want to be able to invite other users to be able to add and edit data (like a sub-user), but not access the main user’s account (credit card etc).

We also want another type of user who can view data, but not edit.

Any ideas how to do these?

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You can create a “type of user” for every user and then for every input/data you can set a condition or conditions to set a default value, or disable the input or make it “editable” for example.
At the end you just need to create the right set of conditions for every data input to make it visible, or editable or disable it…etc, depending on the type of user. And even the type of user can depend on another set of conditions.
Hope it helps! :wink:

You can add a list of users to the User and control this via that.

So a particular user would have a list of Users that they can edit on their User thing.

Controlling it at a field level seems like a lot of work. You might want to put all the edit fields in a group and hide this, and only show it the user clicks the “edit” button, and this button is only show if the user has this user in their “can edit” list.


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youre welcome, check the data/privacy settings.

Hi @NigelG,

What would the privacy rules look like for something like this? I currently have this rule so that the user can only see his own information:

This UserPersonal’s Creator is Current User

Everyone else is empty


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