User: Create and edit their own database

My application permits each user to create profiles for various clients as instructed. There will never be a time where data will need to be shared among my users.

The data that is created stores perfectly. However, the data can be edited by any user that is logged in. I want to prevent this. I want each user to create and edit the data they create individually. Is there a way to store data for each user?

yes sure there is

let me understand you well, each user create their own profile or details? if so each user page should only contain their data…

Hi Kolade199. thanks for responding.

The application is a simulation environment for learning. The users (students) will be creating multiple profiles or records based on their assignments. Here’s a snapshot of what I mean. This is the type of info they will be creating and editing. (sorry I didn’t provide this before)


So each user will have the same data to enter but will need to only be able to see and edit what they create.

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am not sitting now, drop me a message

Hi Simone,

You can set this in Privacy under the data tab. Create a privacy rule named Creator or Student, etc that says if the patients creator is the current user they can view all fields, find this in searches, & view attached files. Then uncheck those same abilities for ‘everyone else’.

This will make sure your users can only see & edit data they have created.

It would look like this:


Yes! It worked. Thank you Eli! That was a super easy fix.

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