Collaboration problem (Edit and Preview)

Im trying to find a work around method that allows 2 and more collaborators to work on the same app with the possibility for one team member to edit the app while the other is previewing and testing the app at the same time. I have read on the forum about this and they say that its not possible, is there a way to link two apps on the personal plan in a way that if some one edits one app the other gets updated , if that is possible maybe it will fix the issue, if not please clarify on how this issue can be solved, its not logical that bubble provides this service with this issue in hand, because development is all about testing so i’m confused, Please help

You can have one test live environment and one working on the dev version.

Thanks for your reply and help, but could you please explain more, and if this works can it be used for 3 or more collaborators?

Collaboration with more than one at a time is really not workable, I suggest you contact the Bubble team for clarification.

The only acceptable way I found was to work on different pages. But for a ‘native’ style application on the same page, it’s very difficult as @nocodeventure mentioned. You have to install an application that will push into LIVE and will reserve for a few seconds or minutes the use of the preview by collaborator. I don’t know if Bubble is planning an improvement on this side, but the demand is there. Maybe @neerja can talk about it.

Thanks John for the clarification, so from what i understood bubble is good for a one man job, if we want collaborators to work together, this wont be possible as we cant edit and view the app at the same time

Bubble is great for working in groups, but the page to check PREVIEW is difficult to access since the page constantly needs to be refreshed. It is therefore necessary to work in LIVE and have a mechanism between the collaborators to avoid updating the LIVE. However, when the app is finished, and we officially push LIVE, I have no solution.

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