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Issue: editing with more than two people at the same time

I have recently upgraded to Professional plan so that I can work with my co-founder on Bubble. Although Bubble editor allow us to co-edit, but it hinders multi-editing experiences due to the Alert on preview mode. If I edit on my part, my partner cannot check on his part on the preview because the alert keeps coming up because I do keep editing.

To prevent this issue, my partner have to ask me to stop editing. We do this conversation all the time. Is there a way to avoid this?

Can’t you each make save points?

Does it separate from an editor(me) to another editor(co-worker)? I guess the save point is made where-to the app want to revert. Or am I missing something here? Preview mode is updated irrelevant to editors, isn’t it?

Regardless of how save points are implemented you should get in the habit of using it. But I’m pretty sure this might help solve your issue. But I’ve been wrong so many times. Might be worth a try. Definitely won’t hurt.

the issue that @rio is facing is that the preview updates every time something is updated in the editor - so if someone is building its sort of impossible for someone else to be testing etc.

@rio @equibodyapp
Perhaps utilize Creating new versions. Create new versions for teams

It seems " (this feature was deprecated in December 2021)." according to the docs.

Yes, exactly. This is not practical imo.

It’s there

Fixed by Bubble apparently.

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It’s a real pain when working with multiple devs. This is the kind of stuff Bubble should address if they want to run with the big dogs. As it stands I’m stuck with 2 devs due to topic title and lack of auditing capability. Business must know which dev touched code.

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Me: hey, stop editing until I say “done”. I need to test on Preview.
Partner: Ok, tell me when it’s done.
Me: Done. You can edit now.
Partner: Thanks. I’m testing on my end. So please stop editing now.
Me: Ok, tell me when it’s done.

Seriously, this is not scalable situation. @josh

@rio, building apps with multiple developers works very well when using versions. You need to be on the professional plan to be able to create multiple versions (at least 1 extra). In the editor you can create a new version when clicking Development → Create a new version, see the image below.

When you and your fellow founder each use a different version you will not bother each other during testing.

Because there are (or used to be) some version control issues don’t forget to merge changes regularly (I did it once a day on a previous project and that worked well).

Note: If your app is not being used yet, you can simply deploy to Live and test there. :grinning:

Thanks @gerbertdelangen , I should have myself looked into the document better when @doug.burden pointed me to the direction. Thank you both.