Collapse Height of Group When Not Visible

I am having a hard time getting this function to work… I have followed the solution in this post, but still nothing.

I have two different applications that I am trying, but none seem to work. First is identical to the post above, 3 groups two of which are taller than the other two. The shorter two are set to the length of the tallest with an empty group below and within set to collapse. Just doesn’t seem to work.

The other application is a group with content that I have set to collapse when not visible, but it just doesn’t. When viewing in responsive mode, there is just a large amount of weight vertical space where that invisible group is (yet not visible).

I am assuming I just don’t know how to set this feature up since I can’t get it to work in any application. Any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

Bump - I contacted bug support, but was hoping maybe someone could help out quicker here.

Your issue is that overlapping groups’ parent inherit the height of the tallest group (bubble r-line I think). Now your shorter group is actually shrinking correctly, but the parent html element (which you can see in your browser’s dev tools) is likely retaining it’s original height. To fix this, simply stack them instead of overlap. It’s not a bug, it’s expected behavior from the not-without-fault responsive engine. We’re getting a new one I heard. This year hopefully :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. Your explanation helped a lot.

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