Collapse repeating group when RG has fixed number of cells

I am very much in need of a solution for this as well. I have posted this in another thread previously and have been scouring the forum for a solution but none seems to exist.

I am also have problems when the page width shrinks the repeating group results won’t fit all of the fixed number of cells as the repeating group height is not tall enough when there are enough results that the smaller viewer width makes the R.G. have less rows than made in editor ( ie: editor is 4 rows but smaller screen width makes only 2 rows )…the total results is 12 but only 8 are displayed as the R.G. height doesn’t expand.

I know I could create separate groups for all the different possible widths and row combinations but I’d rather have the responsive settings allow me to make just one page that works on all screen widths.

Another issue is that the footer of the page is not able to be responsive since the page height is not responsive.

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