"Collapse this element's height when hidden" all settings lost

The “Collapse this element’s height when hidden” checkbox on every single element in my app has been reset to ‘no’. I use this setting extensively throughout the many, many pages and subpages in my app. Now, every single one is broken.

I have the sneaking suspicion that this was caused by running an “Optimize Application” I did several days ago, but have subsequently spent a lot of dev time since then so not keen to go back (if I can). This is so unbelievably frustrating. Really just venting here @bubble here and hoping there might just be some kind of solution… sigh.

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Noticed that the other day… Thought it was just me!

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That’s absolutely ridiculous. This is development data that has been destroyed!

Please do myself (and everyone else) a favor and file a bug report on this, perhaps there is a solution if this is affecting multiple users.

I really appreciate the heads-up on this, as I have been planning to “pull the trigger” and optimize a very complex client app that hasn’t ever been optimized. Makes me wonder what else might be impacted that you haven’t [yet?] discovered. :grimacing:

Of course, it’s unlikely to get on the team’s radar if a formal bug report isn’t submitted.

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Please, please submit a report if you’ve experienced this issue. I’ve submitted one. This is loss of development data–plain and simple. It may seem trivial, until you’ve built an entire intricate design around it.
In my case, my site design is completely broken

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Just a heads up that I checked my primary app and the settings are in place. I also use this extensively and this was be a complete disaster if I were to lose, so I can definitely feel your pain.

Please do file a bug report for this if you haven’t already – we’re doing some finicky work, and definitely want to know if something’s going on!

hey @jon2 I’m new here. Can you tell me what do you need this for? I’m about to do some extensive front-end work. Making my design responsive and so on. I’d like to avoid making anything in a way that might screw up later.

Bubble only allows to “collapse the element height” of groups, but last week I also saw it available for inputs and other elements, I believe it was just a glitch on the editor since Bubble is pushing some updates…

But if you really need this functionality, use groups :wink:

This was on groups, some groups I had setup years ago lost their settings.

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I’m being told by bubble that they are aware of the glitch and I was advised to roll back to a previous working state… and to copy over latest changes I’ve done since then. Urgh…

Not really possible for me since I’ve been making many subtle site-wide changes/troubleshooting since I discovered this.

Downtime, breaking changes , editor glitches–I’ve experienced all those before, and I expect this from a development platform, however this is irreversible loss/destruction of my data and is totally different territory. It gives me serious pause.

Not good guys. Do better.

I’m entirely with you… I just lost three days worth of work because of this collapse settings that changed behind my back…
It would be nice from the bubble team just to put a “be careful, there’s a glitch” as soon as possible in order to prevent other people from doing that

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