Elements not behaving how they were this morning

Hi Team,

Some of my elements are not behaving as they were this morning (prior to the crash).

An example I have noticed and not been able to fix is to do with showing and hiding elements. When an element is shown, its creates space for itself and when it is hidden, the elements around it move into that space. This looks good and keeps everything nice and tidy.

I have since noticed that hidden elements are making space for themselves when they are unhidden, but when they are rehidden they leave an empty space and the elements around do not move into the empty space.

Has anyone else experienced this? I have not made any intentional changes to make this happen and haven’t been working on this particular page of my web app but noticed it when in run mode testing something unrelated.

Just to be sure, do you have any “collapse this elements height when hidden” boxes checked (or unchecked)? The behavior you’re describing sounds like it would be caused by that.

Lots of bugs at the moment… All Apps Down. Can not access anything!

@m.lewis Is this occurring in a repeating group? If so, I have experienced that a few times as well recently

Hi Everyone,

This isn’t the easiest thing to describe but I had two text boxes the same size sat on top of one another, when you click one, that text hides and the other appears which is an expanded version of the first.

Imagine you clicking the sentence below and the rest of the story appeared. That’s what I had working.

“One day I went to the shop and bought…”

I didn’t actually know avout the collapse when hidden option so can say with confidence it is not to do with that. Just very strange that it went from working fine to not working working without me touching it.

I have tried putting into groups, taking out of groups etc but the elements around the element in question do not move back into position when the collapsible element is collapsed.

Hi Dan, this was new to me until today. The answer is unchecked…

Tried to explain myself in previous response.

Could you share some screenshots/quick video of your setup? Or, if you’re comfortable doing so, send me a link to your editor in a PM.

I dreamt last night that I’d wake up to it working as normal and what do I wake up to?

It is now working as normal! Great start to the day.

Cheers everyone.

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Okay this is back causing me problems… again no changes made?

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

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