Collapse when hidden after responsive update

Hi there,
since I have updated Bubble to the new responsive version, I have the following problem:
I have a RG, which holds 2 groups. One of the groups should only show in the first index of the RG, so I have hidden it, except for the first row.
When hidden, the height of the 2nd and later rows should adjust to only the 1 group that is left over.
This used to work fine, but since the update not anymore. The height stays the same as the first row. Any idea what could be wrong?
The group has checked ‘Collapse when hidden’
Strange enough the 2nd row is showing correct, but the 3rd and later not:

→ so the ‘big’ white space should not be there.
(don’t mind the lining, this is somehting I should still look at)

You might want to look at the “minimum height” of the master containing group or the repeating group. If it’s set higher that the height after everything is hidden and collapsed, spacing will be applied to maintain the “minimum height” it thinks you want.

I didn’t set any height for the RG, so this could not be the problem.
Only thing I did was set ‘Fit height to content’ for the RG. Unchecking this didn’t make a change.

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