I really want to collapse elements horizontally on this platform

Dear @Bubble

Are you built on solid-H?

Please let me know.

-Yours truly just (unsuccessfully) trying to hack your native .resize() function.

ps. or whatever you use. Throw me a bone here.


I’ve succesfully collapsed elements on bubble.

Super cool. Can you achieve this?

I’m not sure where the answer is but someone already explained on the forum how to use JavaScript to collapse horizontal elements.

My personal way is by using hidden group that pushes another group by disabling max width. I hide the hidden group on certain actions or page width and then the horizontal elements can be pushed.

Do you have an example how your are doing this? Just curious to know because I have need of for it soon

It seems not to work anymore, I had tried this long time ago. See attached editor link.

When I remove the left group manually from the editor the black box is pushed to the left… it’s not doing that anymore with a workflow… Weird stuff from Bubble’s side. I have set the responsiveness of both blocks to the left.

It seems the width of groups is not collapsing anymore, this did work before!

Too bad… Also the problem is that the black box would remain the same size anyway. The layout inside as well. What we’re gunning for here is a way that the layout would stretch out to fill the available space. I’ve managed to do it at the element level, like in the post mfly posted about doing it with a button. The problem is that I would need to do the same for every element inside the black group and in that case I might as well build my entire front end from scratch.

I know that it’s possible to do in real time, since Bubble actively does it when you resize the window. All of the elements (positioned absolute, with fixed widths and lefts and top) are recalculated. I just want access to this without resizing the actual page.