Collapsing group


I would like to collapse two groups. The first one contains 3 reapeating groups and the second contains one RG. I’ve set the collapse checkbox to true for each of them. However when I start the preview, the first group disapear and the second one appear but doesn’t fill the place leaved by the first group.

Could you help me please ?



Hey :wave:

I have a >>tutorial<< on my site about that.

Basically I would have to see you app but just some things to look for…

  1. Stack things on top of each other like building blocks. Don’t overlap groups.

  2. Make sure all groups are collapsing and nothing is interfering with them on the sides

  3. Check if there are any hidden elements on the screen that are blocking them from collapsing.

Want to learn more?


Hope that helps. :blush:

By the way, welcome to the Bubble community!

Thanks for your answer !!! I’ve checked and I’ve a header just below the first group, so I cannot make a collapse correctly. Do you have an idea to figure out this problem ?



Can you maybe share a screenshot? That would help a lot :slight_smile:

Here are the screenshot.

The first image shows the header in dark blue and the first group I was talking about.

In the second image, there is a second group I want to collapse.

Try adding a group here too. Make it hidden and collapsable. See if that helps.

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