Empty space not collapsing when collapsing a group within another group

Hi everyone,

I’m sure this is not much but cannot make it to work.
Using collapsing group within repeating group and it was collapsing fine but since I created a new group on top of the first RG for a nicer layout, there is an empty space not collapsing anymore…

Any idea ?

Here are some screenshots :

make sure it’s inside the other group, not “on top” of it

Hey Robert,
Thanks for your help !
Well, it looks like it’s inside already (cf red border when moving it), isn’t?
How else to check if it really is ?

yes, that would mean it is inside. Are both boxes marked as collapsible?

Hi SerPounce,

Thanks for helping here ! :slight_smile:
Well, the Group selected (in blue in my last screenshot) is well marked as collapsible yep.

What do you mean both boxes though ? This is the only one marked as collapsible because the other Parent Group shouldn’t collapse. Only the comments box should.

And so far it does well disappear when clicking on the “down arrow icon” but doesn’t really collapse as it leaves a white empty space.

It was working fine before changing the RG layout adding the groups so I can have border only on them rather than on the RG sides.

@ebzh29 when you’re looking to collapse groups, all groups in question must be collapsable. In this case, it is not only your blue group, but also your red group. And if the red group is inside another group, then that must also be collapsable.

Try setting the repeating group (inside the blue collapsing group) to be hidden using the same action that causes the blue group to hide/collapse

Right, I kind of gave up having that card look (bordered in red in the previous screenshot) because it just wouldn’t make that new group collapse properly.

I managed to do it the way I want taking of that red card style group and it works that way :

  • main RG
    • Group containing everything (and the icon triggering the toggling thing)
      • Group to collapse (containing a RG)

If anyone has an idea why adding an overall group (in red first screenshots) made the collapsing thing not working properly…

Not sure why but I had a similar issue and I figured that I needed to make every single group on that page collapsible even the ones that did not make since or were above and not below. Every single group anywhere on the same page needs to be collapsible. Else it wont work.