Collapsing repeating group cell by making it dynamic to content in cell

Hi all,

Based on some conditionals, I want to collapse specific cells in an RG.

I have a Group ‘Product’ that takes up the entirety of the cell (width / height) and based on conditions I remove it’s visibility, but even when the Group Product is not visible, the cell is still taking up space (see cells 1 & 2 below).

I believe this is due to the set up of the RG, where I have a min width / height of 250 px for each cell, hence why the cell isn’t collapsing when I remove the visibility of the Group Product in the cell.

The problem comes when i set the RG cell min width / height to 0px (in order for the RG cell to collapse when Group Product isn’t visible), it essentially stacks all the cells on top of each other.

Is there a way to make the cell width / height dynamic to its content? Or any other solution to this?

Why don’t you change the data source of the repeating group filtered off of the conditions? So instead of trying to hide things in the list, you don’t display them at all.

You can also check out the new masonry layout option as a potential solution.

Masonry Grid - looked into this and ran into the same problem (see image below) where the cells overlap.

Filtering data source - this is the correct solution, however the problem I’m running into is converting a list of texts into a list of Products. Currently I’m get a list of text back from Algolia Search, then for each cell doing a search for a Product where unique ID = Algolia text.

Is there a way to convert a list of text to a list of Products (with conditionals)? I was playing around with Do a search for in the data source field but it wasn’t playing nicely.

Ah hmm. Ya, I see the issue—even if we could work out a solution (which I’m sure we could), there’s going to be some performance lag with that query.

I assume you have hundreds of thousands to millions of products, and that’s why you’re going the Algolia route?

Ended up going with the solution where I set the data type to product then filter using the Algolia results + another constraint I need.

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