Collecting Reviews in a Database (Multiple Types of Data)

I’m Lucas, and I could really use some help!

I’m working on a skill review app.

I have databases for skills, users and reviews, a slider with ratings from 0-10, and a repeating group displaying my skills but I can’t figure out how to hit the “Submit” button and collect all the data in one spot.

What I want:
I want to be able to select a teammate, select a skill, give a rating, hit submit, and have all that data collected. I’ve set up a “Reviews” database to collect the information.

Screen shot of “Skills” database:

Screen shot of “Reviews” database:

Screen shot of app page where all the above is to take place:

I’ve tried a number of different workflow variants but I can’t seem to get the right combination. I’m new to Bubble – and no code in general so I would really appreciate some assistance.

Thank you!


There are multiple ways of building the functionality that you describe. User interface, logic flows and database structure.

Perhaps watching someone create a quick app with search, create, read, update, and delete (SCRUD) functionality might provide some direction.

If you have some time consider watching this great 30 min video by @seanhoots > Build a full SCRUD application without code with Bubble in 25 minutes

Thereafter I suggest to review an awesome set of videos by @gregjohnkeegan or @romanmg from Buildcamp and Coaching No Code Apps respectively.

Also, Bubble recently published a set of short videos in YT as well teaching how to build an app

Best of luck with your project :+1:

Thanks @cmarchan! I’ll have a look at those resources.
Thanks again,


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