Share Review Form Page

So I am creating an APP that collect review . So the process is Simple .
A client sign up , than have access to his dashboard and can create his own review Form .

I want to know How can he share the review form to everyone and collect the data in the app .

Thank You

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Hi @ramdanekarim1998,

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There are many different ways you can do what you’re asking. One of them being a separate page with the review form

Hey , Thanks for Your answer .
I think what I need to do , Is when the form is created to assign a unique ID to the form . Then Stock the data in the unique data of the client .
No one knows how I can do that?

What exactly do you mean by this?

Are you thinking the client can customize the review form? Like they can drag and drop question types (text, radio button, checkboxes) and then customize the question and answers?

It will be good if the client Can add some question in the same input ( like just in text ) . This is possible ?