How do I make a review system

This is my first time using bubble and I don’t seem to find a solution.

I’m making a Fiverr-like application, so I want 1 user to post a “listing” and then another user to submit a response to their listing. I then want the user that created the listing to review the submissions that the users have uploaded and be able to sort them into 2 different categories. 1. Like the submission, 2. Not liking.

I have already made the listing function and everything works well. I just need some help and guidance on how I should go forth with the review system.

Hey @k.nhalden :wave:

For the review system, you might want to create a thing each time someone leaves a review.

Review (DataType)

  • like = yes/no
  • submission = listing
  • creator = user (already built in)

You will most likely need more fields than this, but maybe this will get you started?

Each time a person wants to leave a review on the submission, just create a thing for it? Or if it is just the one user that is rating the submission, you can just have a field on the submission called ‘liked’ and it can be a yes/no field.

Not sure what is best for you. Hope that helps get you in the right direction. :blush:

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