Dropdown placeholder text won't change color

I have created an application where I have an edit mode just like in this youtube video:
How to edit data inline (aka edit mode) by Coaching No Code Apps

In popup A there are some dropdown lists where I want to change the placeholder color of. I made it black. If I preview it, it’s not black, just standard grey:

(I made the placeholder color black)

(Here, in the preview, its grey)

In other popup with edit mode (in the same application), the placeholder text in the editor is grey (#9C9C9C) but in the preview it is black…!!!:

(In the editor it’s grey)

Capture 2
(While it’s black in the preview?!?!)

I have no further conditions which says something about the placeholder text color or changing of the placeholder text to any color (in both popups)

Also, they had the exactly same style (which I’ve removed in both cases)

Any one know’s what the heck is going on here? :rofl:

I can’t get a grip of it… maybe it’s something I overlooked?

Hey :wave:

Sorry you are having a hard time. I know it’s frustrating. Check the default value, If there is a default value there, then it will show it in the color of the text and not the placeholder value color.

Want to learn more?



Hope that helps! :blush:

Hey @J805 thanks for the comment!

Yeah sometimes it’s really frustrating, but staying positive is the key I think :wink:

Well now, I’ve checked the default value of the dropdowns but in both cases they have a default value (with other value’s offcourse). Or maybe I did not understand your question correctly?

This is the value in popup A:

This is the value in the other popup (second example in my first post):

So, there’s not just plain text in it (both dropdowns), but a reference to the database…

Yeah, so in your situation the placeholder color will not be displaying I believe. The text color will be displayed instead. In your pictures I don’t see the text color option though. So maybe I need to test it on my end and then let you know. I’m not in front of my computer so i will have to try to show you later. :blush:

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It looks like when they updated this element they changed some things. I just sent Bubble an email, hopefully they can fix it.

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This should be working now. Bubble sent me a message that they fixed it. :blush:

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Thanks in advance for all your help, really appreciate it :pray:

So, apparently it where not my eyes or the hours I spend behind the computer that day :joy:

I’m gonna check it tomorrow! I let you know!

Thanks for the effort!

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No problem. Happy to help out!

You’re the man! And offcourse the bubble team for fixing it!! :raised_hands: I can select a text color right now! :joy:

I was already surprised that you could not select a text color… but it was a little bug :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks a lot!

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