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Dynamic Color for calendar events

How do I set the color hex numbers for events? Add a number field to the event type? If so, my only options for the fields are still unique ID and link.

You could create a field of type text that will contain the HEX code indeed.

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Yep, that got it. Thank you!

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Can you help me with how to set different colors for events in a calendar? I know I have to set ‘color’ as a type but and confused about where to input HEX code and if they’re text, number, user, etc… I’ve tried a million different variations. Do i have to set anything in the conditional tab for the calendar? Thanks.

@romanmg did you figure out a way to inject hex code dynamically? Easy enough to store hex code in a custom field, but the Bubble color elements don’t allow injection of dynamic data as far as I can tell…have to type in a hex code.

So, in your example, were you able to make a text element (or any element) with content type = “Event” use a different background color when its custom field’s hex field property text = xxx?

Hey @daniel3,

No this wouldn’t apply to colors for any element. This is just for the Calendar element where you can select a field that stores hex to change the color of events on the calendar.

Too bad. Would be really useful to enable changing any element’s color properties dynamically, based on hex properties stored at DB level. Maybe that will make it onto the roadmap.

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Agreed. You could do a lot with user-controlled styling.

Wonder how difficult it would be to build a hex grid plugin that would allow the user to choose a color from a hex grid and then save a color to a specific field in the DB.