Coming Soon - Whiteboard [Pro] - Real Time Drawing, Painting & Ideation Canvas

:art: A powerful way to add a real-time collaboration editing element to your app. This plugin lets you create apps like Paint 3D,,, or

Before I mention the features, checkout this YouTube demo for a quick tour!

Main Features ( try them out with Whiteboard [Lite] , it’s free ! )

Enable your users to draw, place sticky notes, draw shapes, write math equations, add images, export as a png, and more! All data is stored on the Whiteboard servers.

  • Draw
  • Draw shapes
  • Import Images
  • Add Sticky Notes
  • Resize, drag and edit elements
  • Undo and Redo
  • Export as a PNG
  • Copy and paste
  • Create UML Diagrams
  • Create tables
  • Mathematical Formulae √
  • Emojis
  • Assign user roles

What’s New (only available with Whiteboard [Pro]

  • Reading: Export whiteboard content as a JSON string using the “Fetch Data” action to use elsewhere in your app

  • Writing: Import whiteboard data into new whiteboards using the “Import Data” action ( really useful for making templates, such as a math test, and then saving the completed test for grading in a different whiteboard )

  • Control Whiteboards from Bubble actions ( 9 different controls )
    a) Undo
    b) Redo
    c) Zoom In
    d) Zoom Out
    e) Notify (send messages to a whiteboard)
    f) Fit to Screen
    g) Reset Zoom
    h) Fullscreen

  • Draw to a whiteboard from Bubble actions ( 6 different draw actions, choose font, colour, fill colour, font-size, size, coordinates, etc … )
    a) Draw a Sticky Note
    b) Draw a text
    c) Draw a Rectangle
    d) Draw a Circle
    e) Draw a Line or Arrow
    f) Draw an image

  • Delete a whiteboard from and API call

  • Bug and performance fixes

Use Case, a Common Example

You are a teacher and you want your student to take a test. You create a test template directly inside the whiteboard and save it to the bubble database.

On another page, import the test template you created and have a student complete the test on their device (like an iPad, for example).

When the test is complete, save the students whiteboards data to bubble and import it back to your (the teacher) whiteboard for grading!


  • Responsive

  • Customizable style properties

  • Supports multiple whiteboards per page

  • Export whiteboard as an image

Questions, comments suggestions? Leave em’ below!


Dude this looks so cool! Can think of so many uses for it!

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Thank you!

When are u launching it bro ? And plz keep a Free version of the plugin as well with the paid with comparatively less feature offerings

It’s already launched… and this is why you don’t make multiple threads for stuff like this. :wink:

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Whiteboard Pro (paid) is launched and Whiteboard Lite (free) has been available since March! :slight_smile: