Creating a real-time collaborative whiteboard app

Hi! I’m relatively new to bubble (started learning a month ago) and I was wondering if it would be possible to create a real-time collaborative whiteboard software such as Miro or Mural using only Bubble. I’ve been using a plugin (Drawing, Painting, Graphics Canvas Plugin | Bubble) that allows me to create drawings and shapes similarly to those softwares. However, there are some limitations to what I would want to achieve with Bubble. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I should continue with my MVP? Should I simply just learn how to code? Is it even possible to create such software with Bubble?

Thanks in advance

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Hello, David,

Thanks for your post! What limitations are running into? Happy to provide any suggestions that may help.

Is it possible to do sticky notes?

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Does anyone have an answer to this?

Hi everyone, good news: I’ve just launched a brand new plugin called Whiteboard. I think it’s far ahead of the other plugins on the bubble marketplace. On top of that, it’s totally free!

can you provide a testpage to test it out before installing? → should be added in the description of the plugin thx - in your video you just show the backend

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Also is this your tool?
There says it is free forever - nothing is free in live. Do you know what are their future plans with it (just want to know before we share this features with users and later have to kick it etc.)


Great Tool

Hey, here is a link to the editor, and here is the demo page.

The business model is freemium, and it is not my tool, I simply used the api to create a plugin. The API owner can be contacted at Therefore, for most use cases, it’s free- but support for whitelabeling and some other features are paid only features. However, in my case, I haven’t run into any paywalls as of yet. Great tool in my opinion.

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Good news! Whiteboard is now Whiteboard Lite (same features, nothing changed)

And Whiteboard Pro, which grants more features and customization arrives today!