Upcoming Collaborative Whiteboard Tool - Whiteboard Plugin

Hey Bubblers,

I am announcing today an upcoming plugin coming this week (or next week at the latest). I’ve created a little video to quickly demo its functionality here. This plugin will be free of charge for all Bubblers, and the Whiteboard Team is onboard with the idea!

In summary, the plugin will enable developers to draw a shape and add a collaborative whiteboard (think Figma and Miro) to their apps. Developers can add as many whiteboards as they need per page, and they are fully customizable as well as responsive! I am also making this post to gather any thoughts and ideas for features, so if you think of anything, please leave it in the replies below :slight_smile:

Furthermore, for any questions or comments, feel free to ask me. I hope everyone will enjoy it! Look forward to its release soon!



Hey Jonah,

This looks awesome! I’ve been doing online tutoring for years, and I’ve struggled to find a whiteboard that does what I want. Most are too bloated with features, so my general recommendation is to keep a “bare bones” version/option that quickly and consistently limits the features. I want my students to have as few steps between reading and working as possible. It should be as simple as putting a pencil to a page.

I’m excited to have something like this that I could integrate into my bubble site. My main goal is to build an online textbook where students can show their work right on the problem. Basically, I’d want to preload a whiteboard with an image that students could draw on. If the image saves so that they can see their work later, great. But I’d also want to reset it to blank. And if they could draw relatively neatly using their finger on their phone, I’d be ecstatic!

Feel free to reach out with questions. I have lots of whiteboard experience and thoughts!


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Hey Mike,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m confident that my plugin will be great for this use case. I do like that it’s not too crowded with features either; it’s quite clean. However, if you’d like to add more functionality, there are extensions that you can enable free of charge!

I have a meeting with the founder of the api next week, and I have a lot of questions for him. For instance, the api documentation defines three roles: Editor, facilitator and viewer. However, it does not go into any depth about what they do. I’d preferably like to let bubble users let users be one of those roles. But, we’ll see!

I’ll keep you posted!


Looks absolutely brilliant, in an upcoming feature add-on, it would be nice if we could add an image and annotate that image, or even better, when a photo is taken within the user’s custom app, it automatically allows you to annotate the image.
I have tried looking for an image annotation plug-in for a while and not found anything with the potential of your plug-in.

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I’m glad to hear you’re excited about it as much as I am.

As far as I know, you can add images to the whiteboard. Furthermore, the whiteboards support templates as well.

If you’d like to try out a demo, please visit whiteboard.team :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: I had a meeting with Nima, the founder of the whiteboard api. He was generous enough to lend me full authorization to publish this plugin on the bubble store. So is this plugin official? Not really, but close enough!

Also, I’ve got the role assigning to work just now. Asking Nima some questions about roles has really been insightful. Now, all that is left is testing + writing some good documentation.

Keep an ear out!

@pmanester @mike.settele

Check it out! It’s released!



You know, you might actually get some attention if your plugins … you know… actually did something or were more than just a line of code, right?

Keep on keepin’ on. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. But c’mon, man

Also, wanna learn something about plugins? Check out the source for the last plugin I posted. It has ACTUAL secret sauce in it and it’s un-obfuscated open source. You might actually LEARN something.


Update: Whiteboard is now Whiteboard Lite, and Whiteboard Pro, which grants more features and customization arrives today!