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Command-Line App Template

This might give some folks a new idea on what you can create with Bubble:

I created a command-line app that looks like this:

That link to the template is here:


Love it - it’s so retro!


Neat! I was working on something similar for teachers that relied on just using a text bar to execute commands, like “take attendance.” I ultimately abandoned as I didn’t want to make it rely on knowing commands verbatim, and didn’t take the time to investigate natural language stuff.

This is really cool, tho. Nice work.

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Very cool - lovin’ the look :smile:

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I love this.

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Such a classic look - great creativity here!

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Your cool dude! Way to think outside the box. Speaking of command line, I haven’t seen much discussion on here about text manipulation or parsing. For example: Removing specific HTML Tags out of a 500 text documents. I’m currently using python find and replace but I’m doing it in several steps and would be a life saver if I could create Multiple Find & Replace or Remove on Loop on multiple files in Bubble. Would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Thanks for the great example Andrew :slight_smile:

  • Reymond

Wow, this project definitely musters up some nostalgia and some new ideas for tools. Well done!


thx all


This is broken. And it seems my post about it go deleted. :S

Try creating a new app off this template and you will fail.

I’m not sure what happened. I don’t see it any more on my plugins either.

@emmanuel Me and @vega.andrew Need some clarification on this please!

Unfortunately we had to restore an older version of the forum and lost 4 days on messages, very sorry about this.

That’s fine, but the template and import of this template isn’t working. It’s a bubble system error thats been happening for awhile now.

In this case we need a bug report

Is this back up running yet? I’d love to check it out.

No. It is broken permanently I believe