Communicate with iFrame


I want to use an iFrame for a single payment. Is there anyway to let Bubble communicate with the iFrame in the sense that I trigger a workflow once the payment within the iFrame is completed?


Plus 1 on this. Just need a popup to close when iframe comes back with payment confirmation. So far the only non elegant solution I have come up with is to constantly scan the dB for a status change in the related transaction. More pondering ahead… .

an event action via a plugin would make this possible. the payment processor likely sends back some kind of response. waiting on that response and once it’s received would then trigger a workflow…

now. time to build the plugin!

@dehacked79 Can you elaborate a bit on this? How does the information that the payment was successful reach your bubble database?

@jared.gibb Could there be a way to retrieve information from the iFrame with JavaScript? :thinking:

Probably but at that point you should likely create your own plugin as it would probably be easier! :partying_face:

Wish I could… :sweat_smile:

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There is some data embedded in the return URL from the payment provider. On page load I read this data to determine the result and write to DB.

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