Build advanced Forum

We want to integrate a Forum functionality to our platform to empower our new community with a smooth communication tool to enable our users to securely and easily connect.
We like but is price for us now. So we are thinking about building a plug in with some of the key features we need. Someone around want to help out?

Hi @juan.roberto.garzon,

Just wanted to chime in about discourse. You can self host it for cheap on DigitalOcean. I have a free tutorial below if you’re interested.

Best of luck!

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Hi @lantzgould thank you for your reply! I’ll check it out.
Also, Im new on how Forums would work. Do you know if is possible to do this Discourse integration ourselves, for free or low cost and then move up to a plan? Does it makes any sense? Im starting to figure out how the Forum feature would work.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I fully understand your question. The video above will guide you how to host it yourself. Plans low as 5 or 10 bucks a month for all of discourse.

It usually is good practice to setup up discourse with a sub domain, but by all means up to you. Meaning that example your bubble app would be and your forum would be

This all of course, would be separate than your bubble plan.

P.s. I believe I have a referral code in the description of the YouTube video for free DigitalOcean credit. Great way to test out the forum for free while your in the development stage of your app.

Hey Brandon! Thank you for your reply.

I’ve been looking into it, and honestly, I feel it is a little too advance for me. As I understand its necessary to set up the hosting with Blue Ocean and also the integration with bubble plus the SSO to connect the forum with our app to work together seamlessly. However this will take me longer that it would take someone with more technical skills and know how, like yourself. Tell me, would you be able to help us with this process?
Having this feature would be great to connect our community and kick start LXD
Thanks again for your help man!