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Compare text field with string

Hello everyone! I have an entity Car Part which has only one field of text type called Title. I am trying to do a search for Car Parts with constraint Title = “Break pads” or any other string, but it won’t let me.

Could you please help me. Isn’t it possible to compare a text field to a string?


hi, this can normally be done with bubble.
Is break pads a field type text?

You just have to type in Break pads without the “”.
However, it has to be EXACTLY the same capitalization as in the database.

Hi! Break pads is not a field. I am trying to compare field Title to a string “Break pads”, basically trying to search Car part by its Title. Comparing a text field with a text field does work.

if you go to database and car parts could you screenshot that please?

I know break pads is not field type text but what I mean is that the field break pads is saved in is, right?

So Car parts structure:

All existing Car parts (Break pads):

Doing a search to return Car part entity with Title = “Break pads”

There’s a weird thing in Bubble where you will have to click outside the dark box first, delete the “click” and then type the text you are looking for (without quotes). I know what you are facing, just click after it, hit backspace to get rid of the dark box after the equal to sign and then type your text.


Hi! I am very sorry, I just saw that I totally forgot to say a BIG THANK you!!

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Can’t thank you enough. I can’t believe this wouldn’t be explained properly somewhere, so someone doesn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what they’re doing wrong.

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