Data from a specific entry displayed as text

Hi, I have in my database a database called Vehicles and within the database I have fields that are make, model, year, and key type.

I can write to this database no problem and have managed to display drop downs for selecting the vehicles based on the data as a grouping but I’m having trouble just simply getting bubble to display a selected vehicles key type as simple text.

I need to display text in my app that says something like, your vehicle uses “key type” of a key.

I need to display the key type based off a search for the key type that matches a vehicle make, model and year.

I’m hoping I’m being clear here and someone can help I’m very new to bubble io and like what it is so far but I’m absolutely stuck on this and could really use some help.

Use a Repeating Group with Data Source = that Search you have. And in the cell, put a text and Insert Dynamic Data that reference that data type field: Current Cell's Vehicle's key type.

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Thank you, this did the trick. many more questions for this forum to come. super helpful!