Comparing Lists of Texts - Zillow like matching Buyers to Homes

Looking for the best way to accomplish matching Buyers to Home Listings using multiple filters and one being something like Amenities as one option where the options are…

Pool, RV Parking, Basement, Single-Story, Solar, Multi-Story

If a buyer adds any of these we want the list of homes to just be homes that have the options the buyer selects. If the Buyer has none of these selected all the homes should show up etc.

My first try at this was having an Amenities row for Homes and for Buyers that contained a text list of amenities and then using Contains as a constraint. This didn’t seem to work when searching Buyers who match a House because if the House amenities contained any of the amenities the Buyer had it returned true…but it should only return true if the house has ALL the amenities the buyer wants…and then it also should return true if the buyer has no amenity requirements.

Trying to wrap my head around this and hopefully I explained it right so it makes sense?