Real Estate - Fetch data


I have a admin dashboard for a real estate. I have two lists:

1 - List of clients demands
2 - Houses available

It is possible to do this matching? How can I make that when a house and a demad match it is show up somewhere in app?

Thank you

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Hi everybody
Any idea to do what @lakostodo suggests?

I am really sad that no one has actually been able to find the solution to this problem. I mean, it would be a really great thing to do it so. It would be really simple for the potential buyers to meet the potential sellers. The idea is more than just great. I actually think that it will help most of the users really much. I am also looking to buy a house right now, and I actually think that if this idea would be implemented, it would be much easier to me. I would really like to find in north myrtle beach condo for sale, as I have been dreaming my whole life to live in there.