Compiling mobile app gives me blue screen

Hello everyone,

I’m using bubble since last week and i’m pretty happy with what I ended up with so I want to export it as a mobile app. So I contacted the support to retreive my native files. Once I got them I followed the steps to compile the app and I managed to put it on my phone. But instead of the app I developped I get a blue screen after the splash.

I found a topic with the same issue and did everything like it indicated to do but still no result. I kinda upset right know because I know how to code on js and so on and still I didn’t find the solution.

Thanks for your help !

Update: I’m almost sure it comes from some js files because when I manually insert text into the div in index.html it print on my phone app…

I had the same problem and got told by support to try and ask in the forums, still have no solution :frowning:

Yes same answer from the support and after testing all solutions that I could gather on the forum, still the same result.

I found a solution !

I followed that topic and it worked. It require a little bit of programming knowledge to be able to do it without messing up but it works fine :wink:

Yeah I followed that topic but found that it doesn’t work with android and the plugin as well as the bridging for getting the Player ID, iOS works fine

Wich plugin do you use ?

I used @mvandrei’s

Oh I see. The push notification one. I didn’t configure it right now but it is in my app still.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to get an android app made for push notifications with the bridging so I can get the PlayerID in the db

Okay I’ll get back to you when I’ll start working on push notification’s plugin (in 2 or 3 days probably).

I need OneSignal

Yes this is the one I’ll use

Ok, Great, Looking forward to it :slight_smile: