Bubble Native App with Push Notifications 🦄 (Jasonelle + OneSignal)

Hi all,

I’m looking to find the path of least resistance, or at least a clear path, to get my bubble app ready to work as a native iOS and Android app with notifications. Thanks to @JohnMark I can see a path with Jasonelle for the mobile build & OneSignal for the notifications. I’m open to other paths - this one seems relatively simple and effective though.

Has anyone successfully deployed native iOS and Android apps with notifications? I know some people are offering this a service, and I don’t mean to cause any trouble with your business - I’m just seeing how it’s theoretically simple, and for those of us that don’t mind playing with some code - it would be great to create clear documentation on this process.

I think a lot of people will benefit from having a guide to using Bubble to launch native mobile apps. I’ll share some of the resources below that I’ve found to be helpful although incomplete.

@emmanuel maybe you could help or suggest a few names who can contribute. Cheers!


Here’s what I’ve figured out so far…

On the Jasonelle Telegram channel, someone shared these two tutorials created by @Jon_Melo for setting up Jasonelle on Android Studio and Xcode to work with Bubble:

I got it working on Android; still need to test iOS. I was told that: 'they are using older version of getting the json file -through upload. Now json file should be returned from the API of your app, although I haven’t found any reasons for this and the upload file way seems easier. Because if you want to do it with API, you need to convert the jasonelle’s request to POST trough integromat to actually work and it is another bit of work)."

So I’m not sure if there are downsides that I need to be aware of with using the json file upload.

I also found this link with instructions to setup push notifications on Jasonelle with OneSignal, but I’m not seeing what needs to be done on the Bubble side of the equation: Home · jasonelle/jasonelle Wiki · GitHub)

Who’s successfully tied all these pieces together? Would love to help make clear documentation.


Hey bro, please let me know if you got this work

Hey bro, I have not! Would love to figure it out, still.

Oh no I was asking you if you did. Lol
Unfortunately I couldn’t get it working and everytime I try to add the codes in android studio I get plenty of errors .

This will get you past the errors if you had it working to begin with. On android anyway.

Still not sure what to do on the bubble side to get it working


@arye @husam.hamdy @serviluvapp perhaps this topic will be useful HOW to set up push notification with Natively + One Signal The guys have prepared really detailed Documentation with videos

18 months on from the original post - has anyone successfully managed to setup push notifications on Jasonelle with OneSignal?

If so, what does need to be done on the Bubble side of the equation?

(Natively does look interesting, but am trying to avoid having to sign up for more paid services than necessary if possible!)


Hi, I’m also interested in this. Does anyone have any info?

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also interested if anyone has figured this out!