"Native Push" or "Mobile Push" notifications integration with OneSignal, Is it possible with Bubble through API?


I would like to know if it is possible to send “Native Push” or “Mobile Push” notifications to both ios and android device programmatically through API from Bubble?

I am not interested about “Web Push” which only works on android device.


Yes it’s posible there is one big thread about it in the forum :wink:

I think this one:

@mvandrei, can you confirm please or anyone?


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@eddy, did you finally submit successfully your app on Apple store with native push notification working?

I did

can you explain how you got it working

Check this >>

Hi, @dapoual

Yes, it is possible by using our plugin “OneSignal MAX Push Notifications (iOS + Android + Web)” that makes OneSignal notifications work on any mobile and web platform, including iOS and Android.

In case you are still interested, I write in detail about how it in my post .

I believe this topic will help to set up push notifications with ease HOW to set up push notification with Natively + One Signal