How show/ hide popup based on a condition?

I’m still trying things out on bubble and I’m a bit stuck and would appreciate any help with this issue.
I’ve added a popup to an app I’m building, and it should be open based on a condition (if "inputx’s vlaue < y) if this condition is not, the popup must be hidden.
I think I did everything as it’s supposed to be. I am creating a new DB entry for the input and then created a condition for the popup element, but it’s not working. I though the nature of the input field could be a problem because it’s set to be Text(numbers only), but I am adding a converted to number operator to get around that, still not sure if this might have something to do with the issue.
I am attaching a picture of the conditions for the popup for reference.
Thanks for any advice.

These are the conditions for your RepeatingGroup and not your popup I suppose :thinking:

Nevertheless, for your use-case, instead of conditions on popups, you need to use the Show an element and Hide an element workflow actions in order for the popup to show/hide.

@Zeroic Yes indeed, thanks for pointing that out. it’s for the RG that’s linked to the popup. I can’t find the option to set the popup as a whole to be visible when the condition is true.
As for the Show and Hide elements in the workflow, there’s no option to set a condition as well. Any idea about that please.

Understood, no problem. You need not put the condition on the RG. In case you want to show the popup after a button is clicked, you can add that as a workflow action and put the condition in the Only when field for that action.

In case, there’s no user interaction, you can use the Do when true workflow event in Bubble, add the condition in the Only when field there, and then add the Show/hide your popup workflow action.

Let me know if this makes sense :slight_smile:

It does make sense with the Do when true event, thanks @Zeroic . Have a slight problem that I need to fix in the input first, but it should all be good.

Awesome! Happy that you got the solution. Hmu if you would need anything else

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